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Welcome Chola Heritage

Located in a Karaikudi, themed with impressive beautiful chettinad stands Chola Heritage. The majority of our patrons are corporate houses, foreigners and tourists who have been delighted with our hospitality services in a more welcoming, comfortable and intimate setting blended with south Indian cultural appeal to give the best chance of realizing Karaikudi Chola heritage.

About our Chettinad Chola Heritage

Chettinad is a region almost centrally located in the southern Indian state of Tamil nadu. Its a culturally and historically important region famous for its unique cuisine, agriculture and architecture.
The origin of Chettinad begins in the 13th century when the Nattukottai Chettiars migrated to Karaikudi. They left their previous area, the Cauvery Poompattinam, following a massive flood. The new settlement eventually became the Chettinad region (Land of the Chettiars) of 96 villages (in 1947) over a 600-1500 square mile area, out of which around 75 villages still exist today. Starting as traders, the Chettiar’s travels took them to various states in South East Asia, such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia.
The most endearing symbol of the Chettiar era has been the Chettinad homes. From cuisine, architecture, furniture and customs, the rich and well-travelled Chettiars evolved a unique style combining western and eastern sensibilities. These result in an experience found nowhere else in the world.

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